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Birthdate:Jan 31
I had this common "That's me"-bio on here, but I thought that was just not fitting any more. Probably never was, but anyhow.
I have an unhealthy tendency to try and structure and simplify things, maybe that's because as a historian my research is inherently complex. I'm trying to get over that rational side of me a little more each day, and I have found that keeping my surroundings in order (i.e. my room and all that crap in it) helps me to let my creative, emotional juices flow a little more freely. Although not a regular or even very frequent poster, I tend to rant, post random poems and other stuff and spit out bullet point entries whenever the muse (or the procrastination devil) hits me. Also, I've had health issues lately (hypothyroidism and probably mild depression), and still try to figure out what's wrong exactly. Some of my more melancholy entries are linked to that, whereas others are induced by too much reading and music.
I love everything old, especially if it is British in the widest sense of the word, and most of my favourite authors have been dead for at least a century. I have a huge weak spot for the 18th century, although that black hole seems to have grown lately (by at least 30 years in each direction). I'd love to travel more than I do, and I change plans constantly.
Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong century, or at the wrong place. Or both.

If you want to find out how my mind works, check out the tags section, especially the ones called "nerdy me", "things on my mind", "things i do", "obscure quotes" and "obsessions".

Wenn nicht mehr Zahlen und Figuren
Sind Schlüssel aller Kreaturen
Wenn die, so singen oder küssen,
Mehr als die Tiefgelehrten wissen,
Wenn sich die Welt ins freie Leben,
Und in die Welt wird zurück begeben,
Wenn sich dann wieder Licht und Schatten
Zu echter Klarheit werden gatten,
Und man in Märchen und Gedichten
Erkennt die ew´gen Weltgeschichten,
Dann fliegt vor einem geheimen Wort
Das ganze verkehrte Wesen fort.

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