Jun. 20th, 2010 09:22 pm
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Currently reading: The Oxford History of Britain, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Complete Sherlock Holmes

Even though I haven't been updating, I've been reading quite a lot recently. My progress looks like this as of today: 

23 / 100

I haven't progessed as far as I wish I had, but compared with last year (I didn't make a list, but it certainly wasn't that much reading) it's still pretty good, what with uni and everything.

My updated list is here: 100 books )
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I have just been busy - which you might have guessed, especially since the new semester started last week. And I will be even more busy in the weeks to come, with an election for one of our history professorships (I'm in the election committee, this means a lot of reading, besides other things), debating and my Greek exam coming along all too soon.
And from tomorrow to Sunday [ profile] rhuna and me will be attending the Tolkien Seminar in Jena which I have been looking forward to and obsessing about since February at least (here, and here on my German blog).
Also planned: to post my timetable (the html-code is not yet finished...), to catch up with all my friends' journals (don't worry, I have not forgotten you), finish a number of books, update at mission101, and much more...
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Series: BBC's Robin Hood, Star Trek Voyager
Music: Runrig, The Only Rose; Cry Cry Cry, Shades of Grey
Reading: Tad Williams' Otherland. Oh, so much intertextuality. And plot! And characters! And dystopia! And prediction!
Food: Chocolate. Lo and behold!
Ideas/Plans: Jena, reading up on Romanticism, Philosophy, my seminars next semester (yay for Historic Novels!)
Pages: The Hermitage , Every day, one good thing, Hello Mr Fox
Blogging: posting random lists of things, slowly dragging out all my childhood/early adulthood inspirations

And I've even written 600 words today.


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