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The new semester starts today. My motivation is high, as always, but fortunately, my energy levels are high as well.
TimeMonday Tuesday WednesdayThursday Friday
10.00-11.00 Verrückte Kaiser (Hauptseminar)  Das Kloster St. Gallen (Hauptseminar)   Mönchtum im FMa (Lecture)
12.00-13.00  Lingu - Gaps (Seminar)   Essen und Trinken im MA (Seminar, Job)  
14.00-15.00    J. Ch. Gottsched (Seminar)   
15.00-16.00Tutorium ma. Geschichte (Job)     
16.00-17.00  Written Comm II (Seminar)   
20.00-22.00Ceilidh DancingFachschaft Geschichte Ceilidh Dancing 

Blue: English Classes
Red: History Classes
Yellow: German Classes
Grey:Extracurricular Activities

NaNo 2010

Oct. 24th, 2010 08:16 pm
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I've been pondering this for a while, what with that reading list this semester (~ 4000 pages, to be found here ) and all the other things I have to do. Now I have come to a decision - I will be attempting NaNo once again.
I have not decided on a project yet, though. I feel like I want to continue with TdM, but I also have ideas for a collection of short stories in Romantic style.
Mind that I only use that term in its literary history-sense, that is, denoting a certain literary period which, with regard to German literature at least, comprises philosophical musings, fairytales, fantastic escapism and scholarly research into the Middle Ages (among other things) written between ~ 1790 and 1848. Roughly.

What I certainly won't do: Smut, fan fiction, romance, horror, ninjas, zombies. (I won't exclude vampires just yet...) Yes, I am that weird.

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I have just been busy - which you might have guessed, especially since the new semester started last week. And I will be even more busy in the weeks to come, with an election for one of our history professorships (I'm in the election committee, this means a lot of reading, besides other things), debating and my Greek exam coming along all too soon.
And from tomorrow to Sunday [ profile] rhuna and me will be attending the Tolkien Seminar in Jena which I have been looking forward to and obsessing about since February at least (here, and here on my German blog).
Also planned: to post my timetable (the html-code is not yet finished...), to catch up with all my friends' journals (don't worry, I have not forgotten you), finish a number of books, update at mission101, and much more...
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And majorly so.

Why? Several reasons.

First of all, the amount of books you can borrow is limited, to 15 if you're an Undergraduate Student, like I am (Yeah, technically not, I know, but all Erasmus people are...). Should not be a big deal since I tend to borrow too many books anyway. HAH. Well. 

It turns into a problem when

~ there are almost no non-circular books (only very few, and mostly dictionaries or very old or very heavy ones) and
~ you basically have to borrow any book you need, for when a book's gone, it's gone, and there's no chance of laying a hand on it except for placing a hold (it takes about one week for the book to arrive, mostly too late for the seminar)
~ there's often only one copy of a book in the library; there's five copies of Darwin's "Origin of Species" in the whole library (for a seminar of 20 people); and I'm not gonna buy all those books!
~ there's no subject-specific libraries
~ there's almost no copying allowed, due to copyright laws (one article for a magazine, approx. 1/3 of a book), and the copy machines are terribly slow
~ the sorting is awful... books are somehow sorted by floor (three of them, should resemble topics, but I doubt this), and zones (orange, blue, red, yellow), but I already had books that were in a different zone than where they were supposed to be - library staff apparently also don't know where to put the books, seen the number of books that were not on shelf when they should have been
~ once a book is on loan, the opac/library catalogue does no longer give you the book's full place on the shelve. Which means, you've got to look that up time and again whenever you need that book again. What a waste of time.
~ if there's a hold on a book, you can only borrow it for one week
~ you can take out books at the self-issue machines (no staff needed here), and you can return them the same way, that's good. You can even renew your loans via internet, but you can not print out a new reciepe stating the new due date. Hä? 
~ you can also not print out your holds, which means that you have to note down the number of the book (not the floor and zone) to pick that up at the short-loan area... books there are sorted by number, not by user... And the system doesn't tell you the book number when it tells you that the book you placed a hold on has arrived. Weird...

Ah, well, there's these few express-loan books, that you can borrow for four hours, four. Can you read a book in four hours? You have to, because you're not allowed to copy it ;-)

And now imagine having only three weeks (one of which you're ill) for writing an essay and being supposed to use secondary literature too... Not to mention the reading for the other seminars....

Who the hell thought of this? When am I supposed to actually read these books?

[EDIT] Oh, I forgot something important, yet weird and complicated.... Told you about the way books are "sorted" in the library, remember? 
What I didn't tell you, is this: When you look up a book in the library catalogue, you - if you're lucky and the book's not on loan - get a floor, a zone and a number and letter-code that looks approx. like this: 
Floor 3/Orange Zone 821.042 MAR (or something similar).
The numbers tell you which shelve the book's supposed to be on (which bookcase, not which individual shelve, obviously), and MAR is short for the author; in my case I was searching for Marx and Engels, Communist Manifesto, for my history class. This number and abbreviation, however, is by no means individual! There are about four or five shelves of books, all indicated 821.042 MAR, apparently in no special order at all. If you don't know the title of the book you're searching for, you're f***ed, and even if you do, it takes quite some time till you actually find that book. Again: What a waste of time! [EDIT]


Feb. 2nd, 2009 05:18 pm
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No, not much. 

In Leicester we got about 5 to 10 cm. Almost nothing compared to Germany where up to 1m is possible and, actually, happens quite regularly (at least once a year, that is). But still - it's snowIn Britain. In February. And it apparently causes complete chaos.

If you want to read up on "the coldest winter for about 15 years" (!!): try this.

Thinking that I walked about one hour in what  - here - must have looked like a blizzard (which it definitely wasn't) to go fencing yesterday ....
So much fun. ;-)

Fencing actually was fun too, though I might need some time till I get both feet and hands right. Short summary: Nice sport, nice people, nice time. And I finally found out where all the - reputedly - good-looking British boys went to ^^ For I couldn't find any of them in my seminars so far... (English seems to be as much a girls' subject as at home) ;-)

I'm still not finished with my reading for History of English, but had both seminar and lecture today. I got up at 6.30 to take a shower and finish my homework, and it was worth it. I needed to get some sleep this afternoon, but the seminar went quite well. When you're used to having three articles that each change with Number and Case respectively (the same holds true for nouns and adjectives), it's not exactly a shock if Old English does the same... not to speak about sentence structure and spelling which - ignoring "th" - sometimes more resemble German conventions than English ones. This is the first time at uni here that I think it might actually be an advantage not to be a native speaker of English. And I'm definitely going to do my passage analysis on Old English, even though I might be interested in the later stages of development as well (we'll be covering the evolvement of E. up to about the 18th century). It's soooo much easier ;-)


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