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I found a great little program lately: yWriter Great, if you try to write a longer text and have a lot of - yet unconnected - chapters and scenes. ^^

The program allows you to create a (unlimited?) number of chapters and scenes, the later of which you can move freely between the chapters and (re-)arrange within a chapter as you like. ;-) You can also tag chapters and scenes by the characters that appear, make notes about the setting, time covered, perspective, status of completion and much more which I don't know yet. Best of all, you can also export your "work" as rtf, and even print individual passages/chapters/scenes if you like.

I just hope this gives my writing new speed and determination (this sentence sounds weird...).

At the moment I'm still busy typing up all the TdM scenes I wrote on paper (which I wanted to do anyway) and importing those I already have as text. I also need to translate some, since I wrote a lot in English lately and want to have two different versions, one German and one English. I do like my English ones better, though, especially the dialogues. Hmmm, problem. Needs to be solved soon, though. I'll just try translating them as precisely as possible without losing the atmosphere of the scene till I can find another solution.

PS: And yes, I do have a knack for alliterations in headings lately... ;-) 

[EDIT, 0.45] Finished typing up the scenes from my notebook just now, have to go on with the trillions of paperslips, single leaves and other notes tomorrow.

Word count: 

6805 / 220000 words. 3% done!

220000 words should be approximately 500 A4 pages, a good guess given that I think I will need at least 50 chapters a ~ 10 pages... Hm... I've got about another 1000 words in notes on paper somewhere. That's more than I thought, actually ;-)


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