Feb. 2nd, 2009 05:18 pm
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No, not much. 

In Leicester we got about 5 to 10 cm. Almost nothing compared to Germany where up to 1m is possible and, actually, happens quite regularly (at least once a year, that is). But still - it's snowIn Britain. In February. And it apparently causes complete chaos.

If you want to read up on "the coldest winter for about 15 years" (!!): try this.

Thinking that I walked about one hour in what  - here - must have looked like a blizzard (which it definitely wasn't) to go fencing yesterday ....
So much fun. ;-)

Fencing actually was fun too, though I might need some time till I get both feet and hands right. Short summary: Nice sport, nice people, nice time. And I finally found out where all the - reputedly - good-looking British boys went to ^^ For I couldn't find any of them in my seminars so far... (English seems to be as much a girls' subject as at home) ;-)

I'm still not finished with my reading for History of English, but had both seminar and lecture today. I got up at 6.30 to take a shower and finish my homework, and it was worth it. I needed to get some sleep this afternoon, but the seminar went quite well. When you're used to having three articles that each change with Number and Case respectively (the same holds true for nouns and adjectives), it's not exactly a shock if Old English does the same... not to speak about sentence structure and spelling which - ignoring "th" - sometimes more resemble German conventions than English ones. This is the first time at uni here that I think it might actually be an advantage not to be a native speaker of English. And I'm definitely going to do my passage analysis on Old English, even though I might be interested in the later stages of development as well (we'll be covering the evolvement of E. up to about the 18th century). It's soooo much easier ;-)


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