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Mostly because I tend to post a lot of personal entries, very often containing either names or clear references to places or people around.
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The new semester starts today. My motivation is high, as always, but fortunately, my energy levels are high as well.
TimeMonday Tuesday WednesdayThursday Friday
10.00-11.00 Verrückte Kaiser (Hauptseminar)  Das Kloster St. Gallen (Hauptseminar)   Mönchtum im FMa (Lecture)
12.00-13.00  Lingu - Gaps (Seminar)   Essen und Trinken im MA (Seminar, Job)  
14.00-15.00    J. Ch. Gottsched (Seminar)   
15.00-16.00Tutorium ma. Geschichte (Job)     
16.00-17.00  Written Comm II (Seminar)   
20.00-22.00Ceilidh DancingFachschaft Geschichte Ceilidh Dancing 

Blue: English Classes
Red: History Classes
Yellow: German Classes
Grey:Extracurricular Activities
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"... but I tell you that there have been times, when the mist comes down from the high moors, when I have more than half expected to see the lost Legion come marching home."

I am suffering. They made a movie of my Most Favourite Book Ever (TM). And they FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAILED!

If you don't believe me, watch this trailer.

[Spoiler alert:]
And I always thought the whole point about the book was that Esca was not Marcus' slave (at least not any more when they set out on their journey north)? That people can be friends or at least treat each other with respect even if they belong to different cultures? Or did I miss anything when I read it for like twenty times and do now have to be enlightened by some stupid Hollywood playwright? 

Besides, stupid people on the IMDB-boards - in the book there is a lovestory of sorts, just too subtle for our friends on the other side of the Atlantic, that's why they cut it out. Bet they also cut out Cub. And Marcus is so out of character even in the trailer (apart from the fact that he is - apparently - also not faking to be a Greek oculist, which basically breaks the whole logic of the plot to pieces).
Funny though that they gave the Romans American accents ;-)

No way I'm going to watch that movie.

(On the upside - it has Jamie Bell in it)

[EDIT: ] I think the director of that movie read a different book than I did. Honestly, where did you get that from:

"At the heart of it, the film is really about a son's quest to clear his father's name. Is that the way you saw it and what were some of the other themes in the movie that you were excited to play with as a director?

I guess that is really the main theme at the heart of the movie. Marcus, Tatum's character is a guy who is really taunted at school
(which school?) because everyone knows that his father humiliated Rome. (Nope. His father was merely a Centurion, not the commander of that Legion. That blame falls to someone else.) People talk about him behind his back all the time and that has turned him into an angry person. Someone who always feels that he is on the outside, which is how I saw it. Really in order, I suppose, to find out who he is and feel good about himself, he needs to find out what happened to his father. Did he die as a coward or not? What really happened to him? (NO, NO, NO, dammit. No one in the whole book ever talks about him behind his back, and he only goes running after his father when he has no other options left and is pretty much bored to death.) So that is for Marcus the through-line on the surface but we then layered in the relationship between him and Esca. That is something that has been radically changed from the book. Esca, the Jamie Bell character, exists but he is not quite the same. He becomes the slave and then he becomes this loyal servant who is loyal all the way through. There is no question of, is he going to betray him? There is no resentment from the underdog towards the superior individual. (Yes there is. Wanna have me cite pages?) So I felt that in the '50s, when the book was written, you could do that. You could have a character that is just a loyal servant and that would be a great thing. Because if you were middle class in America then (may I point out that Rosemary Sutcliff, the author of that book you're mutilating, is in fact BRITISH? And I very much doubt that it was written solely with an American audience in mind), you probably had servants and that attitude was still prevalent. Where is today with the idea of someone being from a country that has been occupied, our references immediately go to Iraq or Afghanistan. They feel resentment and like, can we trust these people? The idea that they don't want to have our culture thrust upon them and how do they feel about us being there and occupying their country. (Yes, and that is pretty much obvious in the book as well, if you only stuck to it.)
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I've limited myself down to at least 50 since I didn't even get close to 100 in 2010 (I only finished 36).

And it's under a cut so as to not clogg up your friends lists: Have a peep )
I also updated my Mission 101 but won't post that here since it is only the list with no further comments; I'll post another (=real) update sometime later this month, I think. It is about time that I got back into this properly.

NaNo 2010

Oct. 31st, 2010 12:08 pm
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Anyone of my friends doing NaNo 2010? Anyone? 
I'm Varelia over yonder on the NaNo webside, and I'm desperately in need of writing buddies, otherwise I'll end up procrastinating from NaNo with university work. Seriously. I have three presentations and a huge workload before Christmas :-)

And I'll be working on Tanz der Masken/A Dance of Masks (anyone have a better idea for translating the title? I really don't like it). I've been working on that one for about eight years, and it's still only about 15000 words in total. There's so much more material - and blank spaces - that I just didn't get round to typing up/writing yet.

Word counts, excerpts, rants and the like will be over at [ profile] boys_of_bedlam That's what one has a writing journal for ;-) 

NaNo 2010

Oct. 24th, 2010 08:16 pm
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I've been pondering this for a while, what with that reading list this semester (~ 4000 pages, to be found here ) and all the other things I have to do. Now I have come to a decision - I will be attempting NaNo once again.
I have not decided on a project yet, though. I feel like I want to continue with TdM, but I also have ideas for a collection of short stories in Romantic style.
Mind that I only use that term in its literary history-sense, that is, denoting a certain literary period which, with regard to German literature at least, comprises philosophical musings, fairytales, fantastic escapism and scholarly research into the Middle Ages (among other things) written between ~ 1790 and 1848. Roughly.

What I certainly won't do: Smut, fan fiction, romance, horror, ninjas, zombies. (I won't exclude vampires just yet...) Yes, I am that weird.


Aug. 24th, 2010 09:14 pm
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Seeing that I started this journal because I felt in the mood for something new, I thought I'd at least devote it to something useful.
I'll post my writing, under friends lock, I think.
I just have to figure out whether I can friend people from LJ as well.


Jul. 30th, 2010 11:49 pm
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Come tomorrow morning, I will be on holiday in Tuscany with my parents.

Just to let you know I haven't vanished into nothingness ;-) 


Jun. 20th, 2010 09:22 pm
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Currently reading: The Oxford History of Britain, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Complete Sherlock Holmes

Even though I haven't been updating, I've been reading quite a lot recently. My progress looks like this as of today: 

23 / 100

I haven't progessed as far as I wish I had, but compared with last year (I didn't make a list, but it certainly wasn't that much reading) it's still pretty good, what with uni and everything.

My updated list is here: 100 books )
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I always start new things. I love new things. I am inconsistent, and I think, without frequent change, I could not exist. I get bored easily.Too easily, perhaps.
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Sometimes, when I have a lot of free time at hand, I get bored with myself very easily, and instead of spending that treasured bit of free time on something useful, I stay on the internet far too long and wait for something to happen. Which it doesn't.
I need to get a grip on myself.
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In her fairy-tale world she's a lost soul singing - in a sad voice nobody hears.
She waits in her castle of make-believe for her white knight to appear.

Why are there songs and stories that cut deep to the heart, and others that just don't? 
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This is soooooo amazing: 

Mad's Hobbit Hole

I always wanted to live in one of these!


May. 16th, 2010 11:17 pm
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Gawd, I am exhausted.
I spent the last four days at my parents', just that I was barely home because we had the German Schools' Debating Championships once more, and this time I even had time to take part in the whole tournament. Not as a debater, obviously, seeing that I'm not at school any more. Judging three debates in a row is hardly less exhausing, though, especially because you don't have the extra excitement and adrenaline that keeps debaters awake. And, sleep deprivation, pub visits, birthday parties, loads of food and hoards of nice people come naturally with these kinds of competitions.
This year, I'm proud to announce that my former school team (Vivi was speaking as well) made it to first place for the third year, starting in 2006 when I was still taking part as a speaker. Like Dave said it, there seems to be something with MBG (my school) and even years.
In November we get the European Open, anyone wanna visit? ^^

(And besides, I also got new - brass-coloured - glasses and some medicine for my itching eyes. Successfull weekend, I'd say.)
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Once I have my own cats, I will name them after Roman Emperors, just like Romulus the Great did with his chickens.
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I have just been busy - which you might have guessed, especially since the new semester started last week. And I will be even more busy in the weeks to come, with an election for one of our history professorships (I'm in the election committee, this means a lot of reading, besides other things), debating and my Greek exam coming along all too soon.
And from tomorrow to Sunday [ profile] rhuna and me will be attending the Tolkien Seminar in Jena which I have been looking forward to and obsessing about since February at least (here, and here on my German blog).
Also planned: to post my timetable (the html-code is not yet finished...), to catch up with all my friends' journals (don't worry, I have not forgotten you), finish a number of books, update at mission101, and much more...
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Series: BBC's Robin Hood, Star Trek Voyager
Music: Runrig, The Only Rose; Cry Cry Cry, Shades of Grey
Reading: Tad Williams' Otherland. Oh, so much intertextuality. And plot! And characters! And dystopia! And prediction!
Food: Chocolate. Lo and behold!
Ideas/Plans: Jena, reading up on Romanticism, Philosophy, my seminars next semester (yay for Historic Novels!)
Pages: The Hermitage , Every day, one good thing, Hello Mr Fox
Blogging: posting random lists of things, slowly dragging out all my childhood/early adulthood inspirations

And I've even written 600 words today.
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Currently reading: Otherland I - City of Golden Shadows
(Snagged that idea from [ profile] apple_garden )

Another one of my favourites: 

Wild Mountain Thyme

Oh, the summer time is coming,
And the trees are blooming,
And the wild mountain thyme
Grows around the blooming heather.

Will you go, lassie, will you go?
And we'll all go together
To pull wild mountain thyme
All around the blooming heather,
Will you go, lassie, go?

I will build my love a bower
By yon clear and crystal fountain,
And all around the bower,
I'll pile flowers from the mountain.

If my true love, she won't have me,
I will surely find another
To pull wild mountain thyme
All around the blooming heather.

Oh, the summertime is coming
And thre trees are blooming
And the wild mountain thyme
Grows around the blooming heather.

(And no, it's not traditional - 1957, more likely - but beautiful nonetheless)
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... just older.


Feb. 10th, 2010 11:42 pm
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Because I have to study and do not feel too inspired anyway :-)

That's one of my all-time favourites by Jethro Tull (the whole Heavy Horses LP is excellent imo), and the late-70s promotion video is just so funny ^^
I felt like I had to post this because everyone always only knows their Locomotive Breath, and there's sooo much more to this band. Plus, it's my dad's fault I like them, like with so many others. :-) 

Also check out Heavy Horses, Aqualung, Budapest, The Minstrel in the Gallery, Wondrin' Aloud, and all those others... :-)

Does anyone know whether there are JT userpics out there? I simply love their early LP covers.


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